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Jungle Tour MUSA

Available: Daily
Adults from
$86.56 + tax
Kids from
$45.67 + tax

Infant(s): At no charge according to age range.

$ + tax

Considered one of the most popular tours to do in Cancun. Our Jungle tour is all fun guaranteed. Enjoy driving your own speed boat designed for two passengers, through the lagoon with a group of boats guided and supervised by two certified tour conductors.

Price: $86.56 USD (Fixed prices during the whole year) Children 11 years old or less $45.67.00 USD Departures: Every day. Departure times: 09:00 am, 12:00 pm , 14:30 pm. Duration: 2.30 hours approximately Includes: Lockers and dressing rooms, speed Boat for two people, A tour guide for every 8 people, snorkeling equipment and brand new snorkel yours to keep.

Does not include:

$15.00 USD. Marine Park /docking fee, photos and videos, Restrictions: Minimum age to drive is 18 years. Youngsters of 16 and 17 may drive supervised by an adult, children of 5 years old or less are not allowed in this activity, pregnant women or people with back problems are not allowed to perform this activity. Jungle tour You will slowly visit the mangrove channels with the jungle aside and its wildlife. Once in the ocean, you will enjoy the sculptures in an amazing installation named “Understanding” by Elier Amado Gil as well as the last sculpture made by Jason deCaires Taylor for MUSA: “No turning back” Type of boat:

Speed Boat with an outboard motor, driving wheel, automatic transmission and space for equipment and personal belongings. Each boat is designed for two people. If you have this tour, you’ll get a discount to discover de MUSA gallery at the VISITOR CENTER.


Rates Note: Cost per adult reduces when you are more in number and in a group. Prices for children hold out to be the same, irrespective of how many they are. Infants can travel with you for free, without any price to pay. Price for children is based mainly on their height or age as laid out by the theme park rules. Thirteen people at maximum can travel together per vehicle notwithstanding their ages. Fourteen people with inclusive of infants or additional will need two or more vehicles and the charges will vary as per the need.

Do not hesitate to contact us by emailing us with your queries or inquiries.

 Private Jungle tour Musa Plus taxe 16%

#Passengers Adult per Rate Kids Per Rate
1 $86.56 $45.67
2 $86.56 $45.67
3 $86.56 $45.67
4 $86.56 $45.67
5 $86.56 $45.67
6 $86.56 $45.67
7 $86.56 $45.67
8 $86.56 $45.67
9 $86.56 $45.67
10 $86.56 $45.67