There are many ways to get around Playa del Carmen, its surrounding communities, and outlying cities that are easy and cost-effective. Much like any other city or large town in the country, the public bus transport system is available at Playa del Carmen. Needless to say, several buses that are in operation aren't as good as they are, and many drivers imagine that their vehicles are some sort of Formula-1 racing vehicle, but it's the best way to travel round the city, Playa.

The public buses of Playa del Carmen are in a good and safe shape for all public buses on the Peninsula. Buses are big, modern, fully air-conditioned and offer TVs and very relaxing and comfortable seats, way better than United States or Canada buses (the movies they show are in Spanish). Playa del Carmen transit bus system operates like every city public transport system.

At the intersection of 5th Avenue and Benito Juarez, near the ferry terminal towards Cozumel, you can find the main bus station. Or you can find the main stop on the street and search for a sign of bus stop. A black or blue sign with a bus image is what you would be looking for. Wait and stand by and bus will stop; you can get on it, and pay for your ride.

To Remember: If you are aware and know which is the bus that you need to take and see it arriving, signal the driver, by waving your hand and the bus driver will pull over the bus aside for you. COST: per ride, $5-$10 pesos. See to it that you pay through only peso coins. The American dollar check are all right, but unless you demand, don’t expect for receiving any change; you cannot get it even then. A bus permit or ticket will be issued to you. Earlier you had to pick up your bus permit or ticket thereon, but they don't do this anymore.

It is important to know where you want to go, the destination, or know the way you are heading towards at least. Have a look out of the bus window and wait for the location you have to reach. If you happen to hear anyone talking in your language on bus, ask them whether they recognize your station or drop off place and that how far it is, or on which road side it is. Move fast when you reach your destination. If it functions, ring the bell. Scream stop in English or bajan, meaning “I want to get off”, or maybe alto which means stop in Spanish, and step towards the gate and way out if it doesn't work.

Also NOTE that, don’t depend on the driver being asked to break off near to your destination. Still if you undertake and the bus driver says all right, chances are he's going to forget. You are not going to realize and closing up in the middle of nowhere at the conclusion of the limit, conjecturing what to be done subsequently when the bus driver escapes out of the seat for a lunch break or shots of tequila. 

Money can be exchanged at all shops and restaurants; you can lay hold of US dollars as no checks from passengers. The chances are that the trade would probably be in their approval, however. The best options, bank; trade places (Casa de Cambio), or in the lodge/hotel (look over the rate as many don’t offer you a decent rate), it is best to swap your money first. US bills or coins that are torn, written on, glued back, or taped up, are taken by NO ONE.