Reservation & cancellation policies
  • All prices are in US Dollars.
  • Private, non-stop, a/c transfer with an English speaking driver.
  • Some tours/transfers/products require a deposit or full payment at the time of  booking.
  • Debit and credit cards are accepted, using the online secure payment system, in most cases.
  • We will provide a written confirmation voucher, with balance due, via email, for each portion of your services.
  • On Transfers/Tours any extra stop must be scheduled before the service date, with an additional cost. Extra stops must be specified on your voucher.
  • We offer front-facing car seats for children, up to 40lb, at no charge. We do not guarantee them; however, we provide them 99% of the time.
  • Federal Transportation law & insurance require that the number of people in the vehicle does not exceed the amount listed on your voucher. We reserve the right to deny extra passengers.
  • All our vehicles are smoke-free and in perfect condition.

Changes & cancellations:

  • Requests for cancellation or changes to Transfer/Tour services must be made before 6pm, the day before the service day, to qualify for a full refund of any payment you may have made.
  • Cancellations can be made via e-mail, live-chat or WhatsApp, 48 hours before the service date. If 24 hours or less to the service date, call us at 833-533-5893 or 641-352-7476.
  • For last-minute changes, you are required to call our customer service representatives. You should personally speak with our customer service staff – do not have the hotel travel agent or concierge call. We all speak English.
  • If eligible for cancellation, we will provide you with a cancellation number.
  • Please, guard it until you have received your refund – usually within 48 hours.
  • There will be no refund in cases of “no-show.”
  • All contact details are on your confirmation vouchers. Contact our customer service team if you require any changes. Once fixed, a new voucher will be  issued via email.
  • We track arrival flights. However, any flight changes must be reported to our customer service department immediately.
  • You must read your vouchers carefully. It is your responsibility to review the data in their confirmation vouchers. We will not be held responsible for any issue occasioned by failure to do this.
  • Changes or cancelations due to circumstances beyond your control will be assessed by our customer service department. We are very flexible when it comes to flights.
  • We offer up to 4 hours transfer guarantee for delayed arrival flights. This means that we will wait for a maximum of 4 hours if your arrival flight is delayed.
  • We will assist you in every possible way to make new arrangements. However, we reserve the right to deny changes to any time between 9pm & 5am, on arrival service.
  • Transfer guaranteed waiting time for departures and hotel-to-hotel transfers is 15 minutes before we call it a no-show.
  • Private transfers allow you to change the return pickup time for your convenience. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that any changes made do not leave you with a tight schedule to meet your flight.


  • All personal belongings, luggage, fragile or valuable goods (such as electronic devices, wallet, purses, jewelry, travel documents, medication) are your responsibility.
  • You must ensure you have all your items when leaving the vehicle.
  • All our staff are well-trained and will treat you with respect. However, we reserve the right to refuse to do business with clients who insult any of our staff, show abusive behavior, or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Pets can only travel in a kennel, except for service dogs.
  • We always endeavor to take every passenger to their destination, safely and on time. However, there are circumstances out of our control that may cause delays; such as accidents, severe weather conditions, vehicle breakdown, airport-parking delays, where we cannot be held responsible. We promise to handle every case in the most professional way possible to avoid any losses or extra cost.
  • Our vehicles are insured. If a passenger gets involved in an accident while aboard any of our vehicles, they must properly report the accident and follow the insurance company’s policies. Leaving the scene or not following the insurance company’s instructions will automatically indemnify us from any liability.


  • We monitoring your flight status.
  • 100% Private Transfers.
  • Non-stop direct transfers.
  • Airport greeters staff.
  • English speaking drivers.
  • Vehicles can hold 10 max people regardless of age.
  • Prices per Vehicle, not per person.
  • Fully insured and authorized by the Cancun Airport Authorities.
  • Prices included airport fees and parking.
  • Flexible payment option cash or Credit Cards.
  • Gratuities at your discretion?

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