Traveling on a bus in the Playa del Carmen is one of the best ways of exploring the unrivaled scenic gems its regions have to offer. The bus is not only an environmentally sustainable and versatile choice but also the least expensive way to visit the whole country, with lots of roads and highways that are great for creating the ideal ride.

The cost of the buses is $10 maximum per person for one way (NO American coins). You receive a permit or ticket, but there's nothing it means. If you are moving inside the Centro zone Playa, it doesn’t really matter which bus you opt for then. There are 10 route buses.

It is in the downtown area, but only fifty percent of the buses go there, so inquire before you get on. Some go to Wal-Mart and other nearby locations, just tell the driver where you would like to go and they can take you there!  The bus anterior right window must be read as it lists where it finally stops, its final destination. R-1's are going to Villas del Mar, Wal-Mart, and Soriana Plaza.

Bus Tips:

Nothing is won by the last man remaining. It means soon you'll be soaring. If you are the only person remaining to pay the driver, he will drive 78 Kilometers per hour before you can ponder about where you are willing to sit. A good start is to tell the drivers of the bus where you want to get off, but it will not always work.

The majority don't speak decent enough English to acknowledge you. Before you get on, have a brief idea of where you are headed. Watch for landmarks. They're not going to stop except if you ask them to — do not assume that they stop at every exit. You need to signal with you waving arm in order to flag down a bus. The cheapest is the Cancun tour to enjoy.

Get on and off the front and wherever possible from the tail end door. Don't bring drinks onboard bus, because someone else is more likely to cease with them. NO ONE moves for you when getting off, so in case the bus is full, put down your head and push, for creating your own space.