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Enjoy a Lovely Day at Isla Mujeres, the Island of Women
Explore the gorgeous Isla Mujeres, a little piece of heaven located just 8 miles from the coast of Cancun. This island combines, in its 4 miles of length, the beauty of the Caribbean Sea, the diversity of the jungle and the amazing legacy of the Mayan civilization. Plus, its clear and warm waters are home to lovely coral reefs and abundant sea life, perfect for a diving adventure.
1,500 years ago, the island served as a sanctuary for the Mayan goddess Ixchel, related to the moon, fertility, medicine and happiness. The temple where Ixchel was worshiped, was located on the south point of the island and it was also used as a lighthouse. The light from torches was shown through holes in the walls to the navigators at sea.
According to the legend, the population of the island consisted of the priestess of Ixchel and her court of women. Since numerous gold, silver, and clay statues of the goddess were found in different zones of the island, it became to be known as Isla Mujeres, the Island of Women.
Explore the Waters of the Caribbean Pirates!
During the Spanish colonization of Mexico, the location of Isla Mujeres served as the perfect refuge for pirates! Spaniards transported gold from the Yucatan Peninsula to Europe, creating the perfect scenario for Buccaneers to seize the opportunity and attack the merchant ships and get away with the booty.
Pirates such as Henry Morgan and Jean Lafitte visited the island. Legend says Captain Jean Lafitte even made of Isla Mujeres his base. Although there are many different accounts on how, when and where he died and the place where his body lies, Jack C Ramsey wrote that Lafitte died on Isla Mujeres in 1826 from dengue fever.
Discover the Wonders of Isla Mujeres With our Private Catamaran Charter
Isla Mujeres has beautiful beaches, rich history, natural beauties and all in the perfect bite size! With our Private Catamaran Charter, you can spend an amazing day on the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea that were once transited by sagacious buccaneers.  You can even find and swim with a nurse shark!
Depart from Cancun on a catamaran and snorkel on a beautiful reef where you can admire the sea life underneath the clear waters of this destination. After snorkeling, you will head to the island where you can explore, have lunch, shop or relax. If the weather allows it, on your way back, you can try the spinnaker… the perfect way to end the day!
Do you like shopping? Well, on Isla Mujeres you will find colorful stores with fantastic Mexican crafts. Hungry? Choose from any of the different restaurants both in the downtown area and near the beach and taste delicious plates from international and Mexican cuisine, as well as fresh seafood.

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Private City Tour 4 hrs Subject to 16% of Tax

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